Our collection of leather skirts, leather dresses, and leather jackets are handcrafted in Italy, using a special optimized process. Feel authentic Italian leather at never-seen-before prices. Experience the difference

lifetime guarantee

Our special optimized process ensures the leather we work with remains soft, luxurious, and waterproof over the years. We’re so sure of it, we offer you a 20-year guarantee on your purchases!

Italian workmanship

Each of our 100% hand-crafted pieces boast 100% silk lining cocooned in 100% authentic Italian leather. Fully sourced & made in Italy, we can assure you our products are European creations at their finest.

Bringing luxury to you

Designer Italian luxury has never been so affordable. Remarkably priced between 500 & 1500 EU, our quality leather fashion is accessible to all. Now, you too can own and flaunt a unique designer wardrobe!

We have the privilege to sell 100% leather luxury products that are 100% handmade in Milano, Italy. We are so sure about our quality that we provide a lifetime guarantee!

- John Lobel -



Headquartered in the fashion capital of Italy, Milano; John Lobel showcases the fashion-forward creations of young designer, John Lobel. A recent graduate of the reputed Marangoni Fashion School in Milan, John has a single vision in mind: to make premier leatherwear accessible to all. His extensive hands-on experience designing & producing leather fashion in Italy helped him conceive the unique optimized process that makes John Lobel’s leather creations a cut above the rest.

The Trademark John Lobel Process


We're proud to be able to give you an inside look into what makes a John Lobel product so special. To begin with, only natural skin is used in all our products. This skin is sourced from Italy, and sent over to an Italian tannery, retaining its quality all the way. The skin is processed initially once, and then as many times as needed to ensure we can guarantee it for a lifetime's usage.


The John Lobel team is hands-on and kept in the loop throughout. We carefully inspect the different sized pieces that come out of the tannery post-processing, choosing the best pieces which we will then use to design with.



Each piece is hand cut in the lab after evaluating the skin type & fit it is best suited for. There aren't any automated manufacturing lines here, each piece is created for you by a member of the John Lobel team.



The pieces are fit together to form the final product. Seams are handcrafted, and a 100% red silk lining is sewn in with cotton.



Finally, to make the jacket ready-to-wear, a member of our team carefully irons it, presses it, and packs it, ready to be sent to your home.



There you have it. 100% Italian, 100% handcrafted, 100% guaranteed. An authentic John Lobel creation, from us to you.