Pregnancy Style: Leather

If leather has been a wardrobe staple for you, there's no need to let a baby bump displace it. Some of our favourite pregnant celebs in recent times have rocked leather, well into their third trimester. Here are some of our favourite street style looks. 

Get a cool all-season maternity style by wearing your favourite leather jacket over absolutely anything you'd like. Be it a maxi dress in spring or a pair of maternity jeans and a tee, your leather jacket is a perfect complement to it all. Winter pregnancies are great occasions to layer up with wool and fleece shirts teamed with leather jackets, or longer leather coats.

If you're more daring, you could take a page out of Kim Kardashian's book, and step out in bold leather looks. While some of her wardrobe choices have been critiqued for being too revealing, a form fitting leather dress with a flared waist can be a good complement to the first or second trimesters, and won't press against the growing baby. Remember to pair it with strappy flats rather than heels - functional outfits can be just as stylish!

For those few who have been blessed with gorgeous figures, try Anne Hathaway's feat - the American actress recently donned a chic and fearless outfit, teaming an ankle length cardigan with leather pants. Quite a few retailers have maternity style leather pants available, with custom padding for your growing baby bump.

So there you have it - whether you want to wear a leather skirt, leather dress, leather leggings, or a leather jacket, go for it! Partner your pregnancy glow with a dash of leather for a look that's uniquely you.