Welcome to John Lobel

We have an early gift for you: John Lobel is entering the designer leather market in December, 2015!  You can now have designer leather wear at the click of your mouse: John Lobel is a premier online shopping destination for leather skirts, leather dresses, and leather jackets. Conceived, designed and entirely crafted within Italy, John Lobel is set to surprise you in all the best possible ways.  - Completely Italian: Fashioned by a graduate of the Marangone Fashion School, John Lobel stands out for its Continental flair from start to finish. We source 100% authentic Italian leather, handcraft it within the country, and bring it directly to you. Our products are made with love, and great pride. - Completely luxurious: From the sleek lines of genuine leather to the opulent red silk lining in each of our products, John Lobel is synonymous with high-end designer wear. Slip on any of our products and instantly feel the difference. - Completely affordable: We at John Lobel wish to bring designer leather clothing to more households. We've priced our collection within a very accessible range of 500 to 1300 EU, so there's something for everyone. - Completely guaranteed: Our unique optimized tanning process ensures the leather output is soft, luxurious, and guaranteed to last through all kinds of weather. We're so sure of it, we're offering a Lifetime Guarantee of 20 years! There’s really no need to think twice, is there? Shop our latest line of leather skirts, leather jackets, and leather dresses at www.johnlobel.com . Stay warm & dry this winter, party your way into a stylish New Year, and stay in style through the rest of 2016 with our collection. We provide leather wear for all seasons.  So get your style on with John Lobel’s exquisitely crafted pieces. They are the on-trend additions both your wardrobe AND your wallet can agree on, 100%!