Style Check: Leather Looks for Spring

Think spring, and you think feminine - florals, pastels, skirts. But you don't have to be limited by these options. Add a bit of punch to your spring fashion this season by adding elements of leather to make the whole ensemble pop. How? Here are five ideas to inspire your leather look this spring.

- Start wearing leather skirts now, possibly paired with a pair of tights or high kneed boots, while it's still cold out. Soon, you'll be able to wear the leather skirt bare-legged. Accessorized with a vintage tee, a button down shirt, or even a light sweater (think preppy!) a leather skirt can be a wonderfully versatile item of clothing for spring fashion.

- Leather isn't the most forgiving of fabrics, but it can be used to highlight your assets. Buy a size and cut that fits you, and your body shape. Remember, leather no longer has to be black! Pick a colour you can have some fun with. Or, pair your current monochrome leather pieces with fun prints. Throw a leather jacket over a floral maxi dress and strappy cami. Make yourself a whole new set of wardrobe staples!

- Feel it's too hot for a full leather wardrobe? Leather shorts to the rescue! Effortlessly chic when slightly loose, these can be dressed up or down as the occasion demands. Or simply add leather trims on the cuffs or necklines of your shirts and dresses for an effortless way to revamp your look.

- Spring's a great time to play around with colours. Statement leather dresses in vibrant hues can really make you stand out from the crowd! Go as short or as long as you want, adding minimal but bold accessories like strappy sandals, oversize sunglasses, or a memorable handbag.

- Do you believe in going the traditional route with black leather on white shirts/dresses? If so, spring gives you a chance to jazz this look up with modern accompaniments! The most basic leather skirt & white cami can be reinvented with kooky sandals, bags, and glasses.